Connect with yourself every day

thomas edison

Doing something every day can be hard. Especially if you are an all-or-nothing, black and white thinker, like me. There’s too much pressure not to ‘mess up’.

But when I started journaling every day, things felt different. I wanted to do it, and I missed it if I didn’t.

Edison famously said ‘genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’. I think he was onto something.

I used to only journal when I was upset aboutsomething, or when I felt some sudden and random inspiration. And that was fine, because it brought me some satisfaction in the moment.

When I made journaling part of my daily routine, it brought me so much more. Now, rather than just using my journal as a therapist in times of desperation, it is a creativity coach, a business partner, a connection to myself – my own inner wisdom – and a connection to the divine.

Each day that I journal I foster a relationship with myself that I’ve never before had. I understand myself. I know myself. I like myself.

I want to see and talk to my partner every day, so why not create the same intimate relationship with myself?

The other thing is, creativity and inspiration find me. I don’t have to wait to feel inspired, to feel creative – by sitting down to journal every day I open that channel for inspiration to find me. Which means that I feel inspired quite often – a lot more than I used to. And that fuels me for all my other creative projects. I do so much more because I feel inspired.

Not everyone will feel inspired by journaling every day. For some it will be drawing, or gardening, or playing music. And I’m not perfect – I certainly miss the odd day. But that’s ok because I always want to do it again the next day. I miss it if I don’t do it. It keeps me sane.

What do you do every day to keep the creative fire lit and stay connected to yourself?


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