Listen to the little voice inside (despite the fear)

Every day I find myself being more and more drawn to creativity, to opening up to what the world has to offer.

And I’m terrified.

I can’t quite articulate why. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so long denying this side of myself. It’s new and strange. I worry about how my life is going to change once I follow this thread.

But how can I not? I see all these amazing things that other people are doing – their own journaling, writing, art, businesses, their own creative self-expression. And my soul cries out – I WANT THAT! I want to see myself unfold and create and inspire.

It’s scary because it means that my life is going to change in so many ways. But that’s a good thing, because it’s not filling me up as it is. I may be in a comfortable spot, but is comfort really what I want?


I want creativity. Risks. Learning, growth. Inspiration. Freedom.

I want to express who I really am and say, world, this is me and I am great and how can I help others to be – no, celebrate – themselves? How can I use my own uniqueness to inspire others? How can my creativity help me to help others find their creativity, their bliss?

I love that saying by Fabienne Fredrickson:

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.


I am so passionate about being creative, about growing and inspiring others. And despite the fear, I need to keep listening to the little voice inside. I need to keep following the thread, see where it pulls me.

Will you come along for the ride?


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