A (very small) blogging milestone and what’s to come

This is the first time I have ever blogged every day for over a week. And this is my first time completing a blog series.

I’m pretty pleased with myself, to be honest!

I’ve still got 91 days of journaling and blogging to go before the 100 Days Project is up. I started this project by diving straight into a series of posts – that way I knew I wouldn’t run out of material. It took a bit of pressure off because I didn’t need to come up with something new every day – I always knew where the series was going.This was safe, but a little limiting.

Now that I’ve finished the series, it’s wide open. I can blog about whatever I want. Anything. Except…

I’m getting a little bit of stage fright here. Over the past week I’ve managed to gain a few followers (hello and welcome!) and now I have a wee audience. It’s both scary and exciting.

I want to push myself to explore different ways of journaling and blogging. When I sit down to write a blog post, I try to make sure I have a point to make, some sort of insight to offer. And while that can certainly be good, I don’t think each post needs to reveal some deep mystery about life.

My goal is to offer both insight and inspiration, in equal doses.


So I want to explore different blogging styles by including lists, poetry, more photography as well as journaling prompts and techniques. Things that can inspire people to take action and be creative, as well as posts that encourage reflection.

I’m doing (another) Susannah Conway course at the moment (because, trust me, she’s that awesome). She says, about blogging:

You don’t always have to be wise.

I like that. I can’t offer all the answers, but I can share what I do and what inspires me in the hopes that it will help or inspire someone else.

So while the journaling series was interesting and helpful as a way for me to ease into my blogging marathon, it’s time for me to take away the safety net and explore being more spontaneous and sharing more of myself on my blog.

What you can expect over the next 91 days:

  • Some short and some long posts
  • Poetry
  • Journaling techniques, tips and prompts
  • Some of my art journaling experiences
  • Maybe another series!
  • Reflections on creativity and journaling
  • More photos
  • Things that inspire me, including other blogs, quotes, lyrics etc
  • … And anything else that takes my fancy!

I look forward to getting to know you better as I move into the next leg of my blogging journey!


4 thoughts on “A (very small) blogging milestone and what’s to come”

  1. congratulations!! it’s no small feat to commit to blogging every day…AND complete a series so kudos to you.

    i remember, back in The Old Days of Blogging, i used to post every day — most people did. but the intrusion of things like Facebook and other connection-platforms sort of…well…intruded! i’d like to think that there could be a Return to the Blog….it’s a little like snail mail vs. email, i suppose . which is why it delights me to know that you’re doing this 100 day challenge….

    i very much look forward to what’s ahead!



    1. Hi Mel, thanks so much for your kind words. Having encouragement from readers is so wonderful! Yes, I think Facebook and Instagram give us a quick and easy way to share things without having to craft a proper blog post, which perhaps makes people a bit lazy! I’m hoping the 100 Day Project will force me into a good blogging routine. Fingers crossed! 🙂


  2. Congrats on the series. I saved a lot of your links to feature in my weekly carnival. Here’s to many more followers for Journaling Dangerously!


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