What Inspires Me

What’s inspired me this week

Every week I share some of the things that have inspired me online recently. Please feel free to add any of the things that have inspired you in the comments!

A really cool interview with journaler Dawn Herring

Mel asks the big questions about creativity and work

Your impact matters

Found this online course and thinking about taking it to help me launch my online creative business

Can’t wait until I have some time to explore this amazing art journal class


3 thoughts on “What’s inspired me this week”

  1. This is my favourite page of the week! Your findings are always a little different and not something id find alone (despite hours of trawling through other peoples blogs!).
    Thank you for all the time and thought you give to your posts. They give me a great daily boost. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks so much Elisabeth! I try to find things that truly do inspire me in some way. I follow lots of blogs through bloglovin so I’m never short on inspiration! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, really needed to hear this today! You’ve reminded me why I love doing this 🙂


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