What Inspires Me

Weekly inspiration

Every week I share a series of inspiring links. Feel free to share anything that has inspired you in the comments below!


This is why it’s important to create a routine around your creative pursuits (including journaling!) – if you get out of the habit it can be really hard to get back into it (but it’s worth getting back into it).

As I have been sick for a week I enjoyed this post by Courtney, where she gives us permission to leave a few things off our to-do list if we’re not up to it.

I love journaling (duh) and inspirational quotes – so this post really spoke to me!

This post is a great summary of the tiny house movement. My partner and I will be meeting with the trailer company next week to discuss our build, so excited!

I could spend hours looking at the crafty creations on this gorgeous blog. I WISH I had talent like this!


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