Journal prompt: My favorite things

Today I want to share a journal prompt from a new journaling book I’ve just bought, Lucia Capacchione’s The Creative Journal. It’s full of great journaling prompts for both written and visual journaling. It also has lots of excerpts from the journals of others. Can’t wait to explore this in more detail.


I randomly flipped open to this page and just love this prompt! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

>>> Prompt:

Think about all of your favorite things, the objects that are most significant to you. They may be ‘prized possessions’ or associated with satisfying experiences. They may be plants, objects, pets. As you think about these things, ask yourself: What is my favorite thing at the present time in my life?

Close your eyes and visualise your favorite thing. Picture it clearly, seeing its colors, shape, texture, form. Think about its function in your life, how you use it, and what it means to you. Recall how it came into your life, the circumstances of your first encounter with it and how you acquired it (if you own it).

Draw a picture of your favorite thing. Use your memory or look at it while you draw. Relax and take your time. You are not being judged for artistic skill. Rather you are fondly showing you appreciation of your favorite thing by taking the time to study it lovingly and draw it with care.

Now imagine that the object can talk. Imagine what it would say. Let it tell you about itself, what it wants from you, what it wants for you. Write the dialogue out.

Study your drawing and dialogue and then write down your reactions.


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