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Just a few thoughts

You know, I think I’ve almost succeeded in my goal of overcoming my perfectionism and becoming more gentle with myself.

It’s 10pm here and I’ve just climbed into bed. Not exactly a wild Saturday night (those days are long gone!) but still enjoyable: some takeout, a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and some time spent playing Rock Band, all with my man.

It wasn’t until I snuggled in with my book and my pup at my feet that I realized I had yet to blog today! Usually I would feel quite anxious at this point, but I feel quite calm. Instead of trying to throw together a post that’s totally amazing (so not going to happen), I’m just going to be honest. That’s going to result in a less-than-stellar post, but that’s ok. Because we all have less-than-stellar moments!

There are less than 20 days left in the 100 Days Project. I’ve got to say, I am relieved. Posting every day is tough, especially when I’m so busy with work I sometimes struggle to find time for a shower (sad but true).

As much as I love blogging, I really think that blogging everyday is, for me, overkill. I’ve done my best to keep up with this project (although for anyone who’s been keeping count, I’ve missed two days) and I’ll see it through to the end, but… I will breathe a sigh of relief when it’s done!

Tonight I can go to sleep knowing I’ve posted, even though this is not my best work. But I’ve made a commitment to post, and to be honest. So here I am. I’m doing my best and being gentle with myself. It’s ok that this is not perfect.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll remember to post a little earlier!


4 thoughts on “Just a few thoughts”

  1. I like your honesty !!! To be able to simply be a human being,,,,,,,,,, we all make mistakes, mess up, beat ourselves up for it.

    It is good to just relax and smile


    1. Thanks Sylvia. It can be hard to keep up a perfect facade, so I’d much rather just be honest! I think people appreciate that anyway. Trying to go easy on myself for being imperfect!


  2. blogging daily used to be easier before facebook. I am thinking now that much of what I put on facebook could have been a blog … links to share and why I share them and what is stirred in me … updates on just my life … photos … etc.

    I think that blogging became something different than writing about life … blog came from web log, an online journal or newsletter that is updated frequently. Now it is more about generating “worthy content”

    Maybe we all need to go back to original intent and then posts like this one today count as much as anything.

    Thank you for showing up!


    1. That’s a good point, Cynthia – it often does feel like I need to be ‘generating worthy content’ as you say, otherwise I worry I am wasting people’s time. The funny thing is that I’ve gotten more feedback on this post than my more ‘worthy’ posts recently! Thanks for your kind words, makes me feel a little better!


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