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Sunday gratitude

I like to reflect on the things that I am grateful for from the week that has been. I’ve written about gratitude before and I think it can be great to remind ourselves of the little (and not so little!) things that have gone well for us. Not just remind ourselves, but to truly take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are.

This week I am grateful for:

  • Time away from work
  • Going for walks in the evening with my pup
  • Spending time with my partner
  • Working on the tiny house plans
  • A catch up with my parents
  • Coffee with my sister
  • Time away to relax and create with my best friend
  • Getting back into written journaling every morning
  • Catching up on sleep
  • Getting my work out the way so I can enjoy the next week to myself

One thing I didn’t do much of last week was my art journaling. I have a couple of great art journaling courses I’m doing online that I’m behind in, so hope to use the upcoming week to really immerse myself in them. Then I should have more art journaling to share next week.

What are you grateful for from the week that’s been? What do you hope to achieve in the week to come?


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