What Inspires Me

Weekly inspiration

Every week I share the blogs and links I’ve found most inspiring. Feel free to share any of your own in the comments below.


I’m loving the Be Prompted journal prompt for September (yes I’m a little behind!). See Hope’s journal spread here.

This is a bit of an old post, but it’s got me feeling excited about a new year coming up soon! I’m definitely going to have a major planning party!

I’m hopeless at sewing and to be honest I’ve not really been interested in it much before… but now that I’ve seen this awesome journal cover tutorial I’m thinking it might be time to get some sewing skills!

Here’s a simple but fun journal prompt from To Live Inspired.

I enjoyed this post from Andrea about the importance of being open to effortless growth, rather than always pushing to make things happen. Funny how the things we most need to hear find us at just the right time.


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