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Well I must say, I’ve enjoyed having a bit of the pressure off with the 100 Days Project over.

While I do miss blogging like I was before, I think that blogging every day is a bit much. In all honesty, I don’t have something worthwhile to say every day!

But the 100 Days Project helped me to overcome perfectionism by forcing me to post every day without fail. I didn’t have time to sit around rereading my writing, questioning myself and doubting what I had written. I had to just write it and get it out!

It taught me that I can stick with something and see it through (I had some serious doubts about this before). And it taught me that challenging myself by committing to something just outside my comfort zone can really push me to do things I may have thought I couldn’t do.

I would definitely do the 100 Days Project again, but not with blogging. I toyed with the idea of doing Nanowrimo, but it’s not good timing for me. I’m definitely on the lookout for my next creative project, though!


Here’s your weekly inspiration:

Some very wise words on making time and space for your writing

We all have those mornings that make us want to crawl back into bed… find something to keep you going

As a journaler and stationery addict, I like to do all my planning and writing on paper. Unfortunately it’s unavoidable that sometimes, we just have to use digital tools. I’ve been thinking about switching from Microsoft Word to Scrivener for my writing, so this review has me pretty much sold!

This awesome interview with Jill Winski about her journaling practice

We could all learn to write more handwritten notes


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