Welcome to art journal Wednesdays

I have decided to share more of my art journaling here.

I’m always inspired when I can look into the art journals of others, and I hope that by sharing my own work I can do the same for someone else. I also have a goal of creating at least one art journal page a week, so this will help me to stay motivated and on track!

I have no specific or particular style – I simply explore how I feel and what interests me at the time. Sometimes my pages are more arty, other times they are more messy. I am still finding my art journaling feet.

So each Wednesday I will share a page from my art journal. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

Welcome to Art Journal Wednesdays!







4 thoughts on “Welcome to art journal Wednesdays”

  1. Woooo I LOVE this! I don’t art journal, but I love seeing what others make in their art journal so I’m going to be looking forward to seeing your pages every Wednesday. The page you shared today is so pretty, and has so much details. Where do you get your inspirations from?


    1. I love your enthusiasm, Akiyo! Now that I know you are watching out for the posts I will have to make sure I do it!! Thank you, mostly I get inspiration from all the amazing people I find on Instagram! I’m constantly saving images I love to try and incorporate some of the style or techniques into my own art journaling. I’m reasonably new to it, but I love just playing and exploring, it’s so much fun!


  2. I love the depth you gave this page. The paint layers, washi, book page… I aim to do this in a lot of my art. I’m also fairly new to art journaling on a regular basis. I’ve done it sporadically through the years, but I am choosing self love this year and making a commitment to myself to make time for me. I was laid off last year and have been struggling with anxiety and depression for several years, and I’ve realized that I can contribute a lot of those nasty feeling with putting myself last. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks for your follow on Instagram!


    1. Hi Melissa, thanks so much. It took a few layers but I think that is what makes it more interesting to look it. But it takes patience, and I tend to like to get it all done at once, so it’s challenging for me! Choosing self love is so important – I’m sorry to hear about your struggles but you’re right in that it’s important to make yourself, and the things that bring you joy, a priority. I hope that developing a practice of self love this year will help 🙂


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