Journal prompt: Book title for your life

This is an idea I got from the awesome SARK book, Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper.

Come up with a book title to describe yourself, or your life, or your current in the wisdom of the universe

Some examples she provides for herself:

  • ‘Susan rushes in’
  • ‘Tall, slow vegetarian takes slow walks’
  • ‘You have the right to remain puzzled’

My partner and I are currently building a tiny house, with no construction experience, among doing other things. My current book titles could be:

  • ‘Tired body, busy mind: Taking on a project you know nothing about’
  • ‘The tiny project with the big impact’
  • ‘Trusting the process: How to learn new tasks as you go’

In your journal: come up with some book titles for your life right now.


2 thoughts on “Journal prompt: Book title for your life”

  1. hmmmm mine might be:
    ‘All over the place, need to sit down’
    ‘Infinite possibilities, just pick one’
    ‘Too many choices, not enough balls’

    Basically, I need to start making choices and sticking to them…


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