What Inspires Me

Weekly inspiration

Each week I share the blog posts and links I’ve found most inspiring. Feel free to share anything that has inspired you this week in the comments below.

soul orientedApril is National Journal Writing Month. I’m thinking of doing the NaJoWriMo 15,000 word challenge – writing 500 words a day for 30 days. Why should you do NaJoWriMo?

Have you signed up for Connie’s free 10 day art journaling series?

This Art of Journaling interview with Stacy is so inspiring!

Jessica has some great tips about making the most of your creative practice (find all 5 on her blog)

I just adored this peek into Gert’s journal at Seaweed Kisses!

Have an inspired week!


2 thoughts on “Weekly inspiration”

  1. Hi Jen,
    Nice to meet you! Thanks so much for sharing my post. Can’t wait to read more of your site. I love tiny houses and have a dream of building one off grid one day too. Hope you’ll share more about that soon. ❤


    1. Hi Stacy, it was nice to meet/read about you too! You’re most welcome. That’s so cool you love tiny houses too! We are building ours slowly but steadily! I have had a few people ask me about it so may very well have to share some of that story too! Thanks for the inspiration to do so 🙂


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