What Inspires Me

Weekly inspiration

Each week I share the things I have found most inspiring online. Feel free to share anything that has inspired you this week in the comments below.

musical coffee

I really enjoyed reading this interview with writer and journal-keeper, Danielle Hanna

If you’re doing NaJoWriMo this month (and I hope you are!) you might find these prompts helpful

And did you know that Akiyo at Journaling Sage is doing a journal prompt a day for the WHOLE year?! This is epic!

Last year I did a New Zealand version of the 100 Days Project. This was a great way to get momentum on a creative project. A new international 100 Days Project starts today!

I had so much fun creating this month’s printables for the newsletter. Love these freebies by Christie!

As I’ve been dealing with a case of the creative blahs lately, I love this idea

Have an inspired week!


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