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Join me for 30 life lessons and journal prompts in June


I am turning 30 this year. I’ve spent years dreading it, feeling like I’ve not achieved enough, not seen enough, not acquired enough.

But strangely, this past year, I’ve felt nothing but peace towards approaching this new milestone. Well, peace, and actually a little excitement!

Why? The reason is that about a year ago I started my regular journaling practice, and a whole world of creativity, self awareness, self love, faith and courage opened up to me.

Instead of feeling like I hadn’t done enough, I began to see and appreciate all the wonderful things I had done. Not only that, but things in my life began to change in positive ways, too. Dreams that had long sat dormant suddenly manifested themselves in my life – I began building a tiny house, got engaged, bought some land and started my venture into blogging. I can’t help but think that regularly connecting with myself (and, I believe, something much bigger) on the page each day has had a hand in bringing these things into my life.

Now I face 30 with a sense of eager anticipation. If I can manifest these wonderful things in my life in the space of a year, imagine how I can use my journaling to create a wonderful future in the years to come!

And through regular journaling and self awareness, I’ve come to realise that in my 30 years on this planet, I’ve learnt a lot.

So, as I approach my 30th birthday this June, I want to do two things:

I want to share the lessons I have learnt (and I am sure there will be many more to come!) and I want to guide you in your journaling with prompts and insights around each lesson.

So for the month of June, I will be posting a life lesson and a journal prompt to the blog each day.

I hope you will follow along and find something of value in there!

I want to clarify that these are my life lessons – things I’ve learnt from my own experience. They may not all resonate with you and that’s totally fine. If I say something that you have no interest in, please feel free to ignore it! If I share a lesson you strongly disagree with then the comments are there for you to share your views; I just ask that you be respectful. You may want to also journal around the lesson and why you feel so strongly about it.

This is my way of marking my 30th birthday. It gives me a chance to see how far I’ve come so far, and sharing these things with you.

Please join me!


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