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Journal prompts: Create your own reality

This idea started to become popular after the release of The Secret, but some people have known it for years (see, for example, Napolean Hill, or the New Thought movement). And others think it’s nonsense.

But I have seen, time and again in my own life, that it is true.

Life isn’t a random series of events  that occur – we draw the events, situations and people to us with our own thoughts, words and actions – our energy.

I can’t fully explain the science behind it, but like attracts like. Everything in the universe is made from energy, including us. That means that we are part of everything else, and everything else is also a part of us.

lesson 10If we change our energy, we can attract more of the things with similar energy. I really like the way that Wayne Dyer explains it in his book, Manifest Your Destiny. This is a great article on the Law of Attraction too.

In case you think I’m getting all woo-woo on you, let me just state it as this: I believe that we are each responsible for our own lives. If we are not happy with how our lives are, then it is up to us to change them. If we work on changing our thoughts and beliefs, then our words and actions, eventually our lives will change too.

I think all too often people feel victims in their own lives and allow themselves to be powerless. Once we realise that we have control of our thoughts and actions, we realise we have control of our lives.

>>> Prompt:

To what extent do you feel in control of your life? Why?

In what ways can you see your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions shaping your life?

What thoughts, beliefs, words and actions are having a negative impact on your life? What, if anything, would you like to change?

What thoughts, beliefs, words and actions would you like to have from now on?

Note: this post was originally part of a series of 30 life lessons and journal prompts for my 30th birthday. You can access the rest of the lessons and prompts here.


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