What Inspires Me

Wild inspiration

Hello lovely people.

I know things are a bit quiet around here at the moment. That’s because I’m in planning and creating mode. I’m overflowing with ideas and am a bit stuck about where to start and how to move forward!

I have ideas for videos, courses, the newsletter, a series, and many others! I’m trying to take a step back and order my thoughts, process my ideas and reorient myself.

In the meantime, enjoy some wild inspiration!

I love this post by Naomi about identifying your own needs and desiresdream in color

Something to make you think about what gets you out of bed in the morning

What does art journaling mean to you?

I love to see others enjoying their journal time

I am SO going to sign up for this

How gorgeous are Kelly’s journals?!

What dreams do you need to let go of?

A little peak into Kate’s colourful planner pages…

That’s all from me for now. Stay posted for exciting projects ahead, and have a wildly inspired week!


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