What Inspires Me

Wild inspiration

Every now and then I like to share the things that have inspired me online. Hopefully there’s something here to inspire you too!


I found this article about journaling before bed and writing in the morning interesting. It got me thinking about my own journaling routine. I’ve struggled to settle into a regular morning journaling routine, so might give journaling at night a go!

If you’re struggling to start a journaling routine, you might find these tips helpful.

Or, if you’re a bit bored with your journaling, you might want to try some journaling prompts that are a little unconventional.

There are some really great journaling tips and ideas here.

Oh wow, how this article about self-doubt and quitting spoke to me.

I’ve already mentioned I’m taking this course, but now I’ve signed up for this one too! They should work well together, and help me dive deeper into my word for the year. I’m excited!

If you find yourself coming up against some blocks in your art journaling, Iris has some suggestions to get you moving forward.

Have an inspired weekend!


4 thoughts on “Wild inspiration”

  1. I can see that when I climb into bed my mind is calmer and more reflective and this word be a good time to write in my journal. But my body is saying ‘sleep’ and I struggle to keep my eyes open. So I usually jot down a few key words and sentences so that I can go back to them in the daytime when I have the energy to do the writing. If I’m going to be doing a visual spread in the journal then first thing in the morning is definitely my best time :).


    1. You do some wonderful work in your visual journal Debbie, seeing your pages always inspires me! I agree with the journaling before bed – it can be hard if I’m really sleepy. So far I’ve done two pages one night and three pages the next. I just need to get into bed with my journal a little earlier so I have a good 30 minutes. As I’m on holiday from work right now I’ve been struggling to feel tired enough at bed time, and journaling helps me to wind down.


  2. Thank you for sharing your inspiration I find it hard to share all my journalling as it’s soooo personal and therapeutic for me but might not be for others…. it’s folks like yourself willing to encourage others that inspire me it’s really appreciated Jen xxx


    1. Hi Caz, yes there are many pages of mine that I don’t share too! I tend to only share the less personal stuff. Thanks for your kind words x


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