What Inspires Me

Wild inspiration

Sometimes I like to share posts, pages or links that have inspired me recently. Hopefully there’s something here to inspire you too!

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If you love journaling and you’re interested in starting your own business, then I hope you’ll sign up for Heidi’s free 3 Day Business Journaling Challenge!

Lisa shares some simple ways to get creating when you’re feeling stuck

I love this list of self-care ideas – might be good to stick a copy in the back of your journal for quick reference on the not-so-good days

This article explores the bullet-journaling craze – have you tried it yet?

I love Andrea’s take on the idea of balance (hint: it’s not realistic!)

If you’re stuck with your journaling, why not try one of these journaling prompts

Or, if you’re feeling creatively blocked, you might want to try some of Akiyo’s journaling prompts to heal your art wounds

*   *   *

That’s all from me, I hope you have a relaxing and creative weekend!


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