The power of journaling

I’m excited to announce that I’m opening registration for my new online class, Journaling Into the Deep. Why am I so excited? Because in this class I’m teaching you the prompts and techniques that literally changed my life.

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I’ve been journaling for years – since I was 10 years old.

Like most people, I would pick up my journal when dealing with something difficult, like an issue with a friend or a break-up. My journal would help me deal with the difficult emotions at the time, and then I’d usually put it away and forget about it.

This was always helpful in the moment, but it never went much further than that. I had no idea what a powerful tool journaling could be – without wanting to sound too dramatic – to transform my life.

It wasn’t until I started to work through specific targeted journaling exercises that I started to heal some of the deeper wounds within me.

Slowly, I dug deeper and deeper and uncovered things that had been lingering inside, things that were still impacting me years later.

I worked through feelings of regret. I worked on forgiving others and myself. I let go of things that were holding me back from living my best life.

Learn how to use your journal to make peace with your past and create a future that fills you with joy in my new class, Journaling Into the Deep.

Not only that, but I learned more about myself – who I am, really, at my core. I learned what I valued, and after years of aimlessly pursuing various careers, my life developed a sense of purpose. From there, I set about creating an intentional life – one where I didn’t let fear hold me back, where I actively took steps towards making things happen for myself.

I went from being depressed – spending most weekends crying uncontrollably and wondering what the point of it all was – to being excited to wake up and dive into my journal.

I didn’t change anything externally – at least not to begin with – I stayed in the same job, I kept the same partner, I lived in the same house. But inside I changed, because I’d dared to dive deep in my journal and face things from my past – make peace with who I was.

Slowly though, things started to change externally. I found a way to make a job I didn’t like work for me. My fiance, after years of discussing it half-heartedly, proposed in an amazingly romantic gesture. We somehow managed to buy property with no deposit, and moved onto our beautiful peace of land. We found the courage to go ahead with an ambitious alternative building project (that’s not far from being finished, yay!). And I slowly built a business centered around my innate talents and passions, utilising all of my apparently disparate qualifications and experience.

Now, my fiance and I are expecting our first baby in January and I couldn’t be happier (except for the morning sickness – I could really do without that). It’s been two years since I discovered the power of journaling, and my life is looking more and more like my dream life every month.

Ok, I know this sounds a bit like an infomercial – the ones with the miserable black and white before picture and the super bright and happy after picture. I don’t mean to brag or be obnoxious.

I really am sharing this information because I believe that journaling is THE tool that has allowed me to heal my past and create a life that fills me with joy.

And it’s so easy – it’s not expensive like therapy, something that can be really helpful but we can’t all afford. Anyone can pick up a pen and write. If I can use something so simple to create a life I really love, you can too. I know that I can help people by showing them what has worked for me.

That’s why I’ve created my new course, Journaling Into the Deep. In this course, I guide you through making peace with and celebrating your past, getting to know your true self right now, and consciously creating a future that is deeply fulfilling. This course takes you out of the common journaling trap of focusing only on the surface – the day-to-day circumstance of your life – into the depths where true growth can take place.

Registration is now open for a limited time!

Read more about the course and sign up here

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I hope you’ll consider joining us as we dive deep and explore the wild within.


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