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Letting my intuition be my compass in business

honest and authentic

This morning my intuition spoke to me, clearly.

It was unexpected, while I was doing something else, as is often the case.

I was making coffee and thinking about what I want to achieve today. I was thinking that I should write a blog post, that proper bloggers post regularly and share helpful things like ‘Five ways to ditch self-doubt’ and ‘How to get more energy in three simple steps’, and my inner creative self just shriveled up at the thought of it.

I hate the pressure I sometimes feel as a blogger. Don’t get me wrong – I love writing. It’s one of my main passions. I love putting words on the page and expressing my deepest feelings. Actually, most of my journaling is written. But I hate feeling like I should post, and like I should share something that is catchy, useful, inspiring, entertaining… because most of the time I don’t have things like this to share.

I think that’s one of the biggest misconceptions about life coaches – that they have it all figured out – that’s why they are coaches. Not at all: coaches aren’t experts, and if you come across one who claims to be, please don’t give them your money. Coaches don’t have the answers – not for you. They have the tools to help you find your own answers inside.

And that’s one thing I am good at – listening to my own answers, from my own inner wisdom inside.

As I was making my coffee, I thought, I wish I could just blog like I write in my journal: tune into my intuition and let it flow, see what it has to say. Just as I trust my intuition to offer answers in my journal, I wish I could blog in much the same way.

And then my intuition spoke. It said: you can.

I’ve been longing for more authenticity in my work. I’ve been longing to be seen more, to share who I really am, to let my guard down.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about how I’m just one tiny voice in a massive sea of people all clamouring for attention, and feeling like I will never be heard. Every time I open my inbox there are another 15 emails from people launching a new course or product, asking for my money. I don’t want to be one of those people, but at the same time I want a flourishing business and I want to help people. I also need to, you know, buy food and stuff.

I recently read this fascinating article about how to make your business and brand stand out and it spoke to me:

As the face of your brand, you have an automatic advantage because you ARE inherently different. You bring to the table a unique perspective, a different set of life experiences, a distinctive personality. You are what makes your business and brand distinctive – and so by bringing more of YOU into your business and brand, standing out becomes second nature.

After doing some work in my journal I realised that what makes me, me – that is, what makes me unique – is my sensitivity. The reason is this: I have very strong feelings about things. I care a LOT about things, I am extremely passionate and opinionated, easily excited… but I seldom share this passion and excitement because I am (most of the time without even realising it) trying to construct a certain image. I’m trying not to offend people. I’m trying to remain palatable for everyone. But of course, this means I’m not really being my whole self.

While I’m busy trying to write blog posts that are catchy, my own voice is lost. I’m never going to be heard this way.

my truth

So when my intuition nudged me this morning to try writing from the soul, instead of writing what I think people want to hear, I was curious. This is the result: a piece of writing that is true and honest. Because, what’s the point if what I’m writing isn’t true to me?

This is how I want to blog: in the same way I journal. Show up, let my intuition speak, see what it has to say. Some days it might offer ‘three simple tips’ for something, other days it might ramble and make little sense.

But I am SO SICK of trying to fit into the online business world and be something I’m not. One of the main reasons I chose to grow my own business and work for myself is to work in a way that honours who I am – not to find another mold I need to try and fit into.

If I can’t be authentic in my own business, where can I be? If I can’t let my soul speak in my creative work, if I can’t just be myself in my online space and in the way I interact with others online, then what’s the point? I may as well go back to a more stable paycheque as a teacher!

Really I think this comes down to trust – trusting your intuition. Trusting what it has to share. This is all fine and good in your own journal, when no one else is going to read it, but what about in a blog post? What about online, in my business, where I’m supposed to be ‘professional’?

What if I really leaned into this?

What if I trusted my intuition to share worthwhile content and messages, not just for me in my journal, but here, on my blog, in my business, with others?

What if my intuition doesn’t just have something that is necessary for me to hear, but for others too?

What if I really let this be my compass in my work?

The advice we are given is that we have to find a way to stand out, that people are more distracted and busy than ever, that unless we write something catchy we won’t get their attention.

But what if I just write what my soul wants to share, regardless of whether or not it gets multiple pins? What if I trust that being authentic, speaking from the heart and sharing my truth is enough?


11 thoughts on “Letting my intuition be my compass in business”

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I read your post to the end Jen, because I was captivated. You caught my heart, my true authentic Self, in your beautiful words. How brave you are, how necessary this is. I recently created a journal page with a quote that was given to me by Spirit: “She unfurled her magnificent wings and rose above anyway.” That’s how I’m feeling at the moment – don’t be afraid to show up! Looking forward to more of your posts 😀


    1. Thank you so much Caroline! I agree it’s necessary! I look forward to writing more from this place, even if it scares me. And that quote sounds just perfect. x


  2. Am totally with you on this. Do you read Jamie Ridler’s blog (her podcast is a must listen). Her latest blog post is about returning to the blogging of old and share what calls to her even if that includes lots of pics of her cat. I think we will see more and more people choosing to go with intuition over curated and rule following. If I see one more post telling me the 18 things you MUST do I will cry. Xx


    1. I’m a huge fan of Jamie’s work. I hadn’t read her post but thanks for sharing it – how funny, she says more or less the same thing! I think you’re right: we will start to see more of that. It’s just getting so tiring read the same old things!


  3. I read your entry all the way thru, very unusual for me! I can identify with what you’re saying which I think is what made me stay reading… I have become overwhelmed with ppl selling this and having all the answers or offering ‘the one thing’ I need… now I just delete them or unsubscribe. I read somewhere (Men are from Mars…?) that men like to resolve stuff by fixing. Women just need to share it, talk about it to feel better…. I think maybe it’s about making that connection. Warts and all. And I agree. Much better to be authentic than try to conform to what you’re not… Great reading you, thanks xx


    1. Thanks for your support Christine! I think a lot of people are getting sick of constantly being sold to. I agree about the warts and all – I certainly prefer to read more of that sort of thing from others.


  4. I LOVE this blog Jen! I am a journaling coach in Canada and when I started sharing what was going on with me (foibles, fantasies, and freakouts included) I started to get so much more engagement. People put us on pedestals so high when we fall, we fall hard, so I consistently work at dismantling the pedestals.
    So happy to hear you are listening to the voice of knowing inside you. It can’t lead you wrong, and it is the path to amazing creativity. I love that your way is art journaling… it’s so beautiful and visual! I love receiving your emails!

    kathy mercure, storyhealer


    1. I love that Kathy – deliberately sharing it all so as to ‘dismantle the pedestals’ as you say. And thanks so much for your kind words x


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