What Inspires Me

What’s inspiring me right now

Every few weeks I share the things that are really inspiring me – at least, I want it to be every few weeks, but I don’t always get there. No matter. Here’s what I’m loving right now.

journey home

This post by Jamie called I’m Taking My Blog Back – turns out I’m not alone in being so over blogging as a marketing tool, rather than for self-expression

The always inspiring Effy Wild is offering this free class on how she makes her Sweet Trash Journals

Join Kristal Norton for her free series Soul Truths to get creatively un-stuck

Deb talks about the idea of the starving artist and how we can decide to be a well-fed artist. Here’s another really interesting post on this idea

Love this eye-opening post from Tammy at Rowdy Kittens about how much we let our phones distract us (it’s probably more than you think)

Are you afraid to call yourself a writer?

I just love how Tammy at Daisy Yellow writes out the alphabet to relax! These would make awesome journal backgrounds/collage papers

What are your immortality projects? This is a fascinating concept to explore in your journal!


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