What Inspires Me

Found poem: Write the truth

This poem was ‘found’ on page 80 of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way (totally amazing book, if you haven’t read it).


I have noticed

an unpleasant


The creeping feeling that

this possibility

will stay lost

in the

extreme emotions of the pages themselves,

unable to perform

a course adjustment,

if I don’t

write the truth.

What Inspires Me

Found poem: Finding certainty

Her certainty in her own strength.
But who lives without question for what’s
to be?

What do I believe
and where can I imagine,
living a life without my favourite destination?

I accept bliss
and, of course,
the complete self.

Something about my recent joy has made me certain
that I must love in stupid excess.
I have to.

So I write.

I asked for guidance on my journey.
I’m entering life again.
It will happen.

The simple I need,
to have blessings.
My hands sign with love.

What Inspires Me

Found poem: The Artist

I’d like to start sharing found poetry.

Mostly I ‘find’ my poetry within the pages of books I’ve loved (and bought extra copies of from second-hand bookstores just so I can cut the lovely words out). At the moment the two I’m most using are The Artist’s Way and Eat Pray Love.


I’m quite new to this and am just finding my way, but it’s lots of fun.

The Artist

When people feel

the light

of art,

it brings healing.

The artist may feel

mysterious vulnerability.

They call it

invisible achievement.