What Inspires Me

What’s inspired me this week

I think I will make Thursdays my regular day for sharing links and things that have inspired me during the week. That way if you need something to kill time at work as you watch the clock on Friday, there will be a few things here to distract you.

Otherwise, if you’re someone who actually works hard (good on you!) then you will have something to enjoy over the weekend.


  • I’ve signed up for the 30 Day Journal Project – have you? It’s free and runs for the month of August. You get a journal prompt emailed to you each day for 30 days. Should provide extra inspiration!
  • I’m excited about the upcoming August Break – just take a photo every day for a month and share!

If you’ve read anything recently that inspires you, please share it in the comments below!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another journaling prompt.