Hello, I’m Jen. I’m a writer and mama. 

I write contemporary women’s fiction – sometimes called chick-lit or romantic comedy. I also blog about books and writing, creativity, motherhood and living a meaningful life.

I love second-hand bookstores, dark chocolate, New York, afternoon naps, travel-themed stationery, singing, and all things colourful.

I’m highly sensitive, introverted and adore everything about books, creative writing and journaling.

I’m fascinated about the intersection of motherhood, identity and creativity.

I own more books than I can possibly read, am attempting to write every day while raising a toddler, and dream of one day teaching creative workshops while travelling the world.

My fiancé and I live in a tiny house on a hillside in Auckland, New Zealand, with our pup Duncan and our son, Baxter.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

This Site

The content of this site is from my old blog where I wrote mostly about journaling and creativity. My work has since shifted to focus on my fiction, but I wanted to keep the posts and classes I created for others to enjoy.

I won’t be updating the blog posts on this site, but all the classes are live if you’re interested in taking one. And you can always contact me on the contact page if needed.

My writing

I write contemporary women’s fiction – sometimes called chick-lit or romantic comedy. My stories are about women who are real: they’re flawed and imperfect like us all. They don’t have supermodel bodies, they frequently doubt themselves and are often struggling to figure out who they are and what they want out of life – all from a humorous perspective.

(I say ‘stories’ but – ha – I’ve only really written one novel so far. I have many more in my head that will eventually make their way onto the page.)

I also dabble in micropoetry because I’m fascinated about expressing complex ideas and feelings in very few words – and also because, after writing novels and being mama, quite frankly I don’t have the attention span for anything longer!

If you like my writing (and/or you like chick-lit and romantic comedies), please come check out my other site: jenmorriscreative.com

You can also keep in touch with me on social media:




My story

I spent many years mired in depression, self-doubt and fear. I’m the girl who never felt like enough – not pretty enough, not smart enough, not experienced enough – and at the same time, felt like too much – too sensitive, too fat, too uncertain, too weird. 

I spent years denying my dreams, hiding myself and ignoring the inner knowing that told me I was meant for more. I let fear tell me that my story didn’t matter, that I couldn’t make a difference and that I should just be happy with what I had.

These are the kinds of girls I write about in my fiction – because I know their story so well.

journal pens and coffee

I became a high school teacher in my early twenties and while I felt as though I was contributing to the world in some way, I still felt a deep longing for something more. Studying life coaching and psychology helped me step closer to my purpose, but something was still missing.

I’ve been keeping a written journal steadily since I was about ten, but it wasn’t until my late twenties that I committed to a powerful daily creative practice. What happened to me was amazing: my creativity blossomed, my self-love deepened and my fears were quietened as my courage and faith spoke louder than ever before.

Through cultivating a regular written and visual journaling practice, I have connected with my own wisdom and come to know and love who I am at my core.

I also started to take my creative dreams seriously: blogging to share my writing, teaching journaling classes, and writing novels.

My goal in my work is to show up as honestly, authentically and truthfully as I can. I don’t want to hide behind fancy web design, carefully crafted sales pages and a curated online image. I want to share my life in all its rawness and truth, so that I can encourage other women to do the same. 

Currently I’m editing my first novel and writing my second – you can read more about that here, and get peeks into my writing process here.

Some things about me:

My little studio
Inside my creative studio
  • I’m an introvert, highly sensitive person, an INFJ and renaissance soul/scanner
  • I’m a mama to a toddler who is the absolute love of my life
  • I live in a tiny house on a trailer with my partner, pup and son
  • I love dogs and have my own wee pup called Duncan
  • Travel is one of my greatest obsessions – I’ve been to a few amazing places and have a huge travel bucket list to tick off! 
  • Being in nature is when I feel most connected to the divine, and am reminded of the true magic of the universe

If you’re interested in learning more about how I juggle writing and motherhood, or getting peeks into my creative process, you might like to join us here.


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