Creative Journaling Toolkit – Journaling Supplies: Other essentials

These are just a few other things that might be helpful in your creative journaling…

Glue and Scissors

A simple glue stick is fine for gluing things into your journal (or you can use washi tape!).

A pair of scissors is helpful – you can also use a ruler edge to tear things roughly.


Gesso is used to prepare paper (or canvas) to paint on. It’s a mixture of binder (glue) and chalk or plaster of Paris, but basically looks like white acrylic paint. It behaves the same way, but creates a surface with a bit of ‘tooth’.

It can be useful if you want to use quite wet media on thin paper (like watercolour or gouache). It can also be useful in an altered book to cover up some of the image on the page and create some white space for working on.

I don’t often use it, simply because I don’t need to with the techniques I use (and I usually can’t be bothered!).

It is a good basic staple to have on hand, though, to cover up bits you don’t like or prepare a page if needed.

You can get it in white, clear and black – white is what most people use.


Old Credit Card and Baby Wipes

An old credit card or expired gift card is my number one favourite painting tool. Highly recommended for simple paint scraping techniques.

Baby wipes are another essential for me – they work really well as a waterless technique for activating the watercolour crayons, and for smearing acrylic paint.


Alright! Let’s gather all our supplies and get started.