30 Life Lessons and Journal Prompts

For the month of June in 2015 I shared 30 life lessons and journal prompts in honour of my 30th birthday. These are just a few of the things I have learned in my 30 years on this planet.

At each of the links below you’ll find a short personal essay sharing what I’ve learned, and some journal prompts to encourage reflection.

You may want to work through the lessons and journal prompts in order, or just dip into those that speak to you.


Lesson 1: I am Enough

Lesson 2: Nobody expects me to be perfect but me

Lesson 3: Having dreams isn’t enough, you have to take action

Lesson 4: Dieting will never work

Lesson 5: Creativity is essential for wellbeing

Lesson 6: It’s never too late to try something new

Lesson 7: Take the time to get to know yourself and how you tick

Lesson 8: Save money and avoid debt

Lesson 9: Kindness matters (especially towards yourself!)

Lesson 10: We create our own reality

Lesson 11: It’s ok to say no to people

Lesson 12: Rest and self care are not negotiable

Lesson 13: It’s ok not to have all the answers (or, why my twenties were a bit of a mess)

Lesson 14: It is essential to open yourself up to loving and being loved

Lesson 15: Don’t ignore the things that light you up

Lesson 16: It is no one else’s job except my own to fill me up

Lesson 17: Sensitivity is a gift, not a curse

Lesson 18: Find a way to move your body that you love

Lesson 19: Vulnerability is a strength

Lesson 20: Being different is a good thing

Lesson 21: Make your home a place that you love

Lesson 22: Forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made 

Lesson 23: Live an authentic life and cultivate awareness

Lesson 24: Have faith in something bigger than yourself

Lesson 25: Travel

Lesson 26: What other people think of me is none of my business

Lesson 27: I can’t control anyone but myself

Lesson 28: This is it

Lesson 29: Nurture close relationships

Lesson 30: Have courage


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