Free Class: Creative Journaling Toolkit

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Without a doubt, my number one tool for living a creative life is creative journaling.

This is the tool that took me from just getting through each day, dreaming about my future but not taking any steps towards it, to living a life of purpose and intention.

Creative journaling is a practice that helps you connect with your own inner wisdom and courage, tune out the external noise, express yourself creatively and get clear on what matters most to you.

This is the practice I return to time and time again when I feel myself drifting, when I feel unfocused or fuzzy-headed. This is the tool I use to remind myself that I have all the wisdom and resources I need inside me, the tool that helps me come back to my center and reconnect with my own vision and purpose. This is the tool I use to help me get really clear on next steps – either in life or business – and take courageous action to make things happen.

It’s a practice anyone can do: it doesn’t require any special skills or supplies.

I want to share this powerful tool with you, for free.

In this free class, you’ll learn:

  • How to start a journal
  • What to journal about
  • How to journal for growth, creativity and intentional living
  • How to write morning pages
  • My favourite journaling supplies
  • How to create simple visual journal spreads
  • Plus, get access to over two year’s worth of journaling prompts to help you live with more intention and purpose

Below are all the lessons – I suggest you keep this page open – the lessons will each open in another window to help you navigate easier.

Section One: Introduction

Section Two: Journaling Supplies

Section Three: Basic Journaling Techniques

Section Four: What to Journal About

Section Five: Wrap-Up