Divine Connection

The word ‘divine’ means something different to each and every one of us. I’ve talked about this, including what I believe, here and here.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to include this section in the yearbook, to be honest. But then I thought, I wanted it in my own yearbook and I want to share that. You can, of course, skip this part if it doesn’t speak to you.

The reason I wanted to include this part in my yearbook is because I believe that I’m not doing this alone. I’ve manifested some awesome things these past few years (more about this in the visioning section), and I honestly don’t think I can take all the credit for that.

Divine guidance

I believe we are all guided by the divine in our lives, on our paths. Sometimes we think we want something, and the divine gives us the opposite – and it turns out that really, that was what we needed!

In early 2015, we almost bought a property earlier that I thought was perfect. We put in several offers on what I thought was our dream property, even though it meant going over our budget. The sellers couldn’t make their minds up and messed us around for several weeks, eventually declining all our offers and taking the property off the market. I was devastated, because I felt certain that we were supposed to end up there. Begrudgingly I agreed to start looking at other properties.

Shortly after that we found another property that met many more of our criteria, including being under our budget and much closer to where we wanted to live. At the auction, not a single other person bid. It was so easy it wasn’t funny. And then, here’s the part that really reinforced the divine intervention here, the first house we (thought we) wanted went back onto the market just after we finalised the sale on our new house. It was the universe’s way of stopping us from forcing something that wasn’t right.

And now, almost every day I find myself thinking, I am so glad we ended up here instead of the first place. Isn’t that funny?

So, I encourage you to consider inviting the divine into your life more next year. Think about what the divine means to you, create a spiritual practice that supports you and your goals. Ask for help – the divine wants to help.

Having a daily spiritual practice can be a great way of grounding ourselves and inviting the divine in to support and guide us. There is absolutely no wrong way to do this – do whatever makes you feel connected to something bigger.

I like to use oracle cards to guide me when I feel the need for answers and reassurance from the divine – I find drawing an oracle card at the start of a project can be helpful in guiding me. I like to draw one at the start of the year too. Other people like to use prayer, visualisation, meditation, journaling, horoscopes – the list is endless really. You may like to ask for guidance for the year as a whole, for each quarter, or month-by-month. Do whatever feels right for you.


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  1. I lost the password and my computer crashed and I lost the 2018 yearbook. Could I get the password so I can get a new yearbook? Thanks


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