Getting Started

Set your intentions

On the back of the title page, write your intentions. I do this in the start of every journal. Basically, you need to think about why you are filling in the yearbook – what is your intention behind doing it?

It might be to get clear on what you want to focus on this year – where you want to spend your time and energy. It might be to set and achieve some goals. It might be to take better care of yourself this year. Whatever your intentions, put them here.

Your ideal year

For this prompt, I want you write exactly what your perfect year would look like. Don’t write what seems ‘realistic’ or ‘doable’ – write what you would actually wish to happen in your perfect next year.

In the past, I’ve put things like:

  • Finish building and move into our house
  • Build my art studio
  • Make more than enough through my online business so I can leave teaching
  • Get pregnant and have a healthy baby
  • Feel fit, healthy, energetic, and strong
  • Go on a trip overseas

Obviously it’s unlikely that I would be able to manage all these things! But, in an ideal year with unlimited resources and energy, I would do them all. The point is to dream a little big at this stage.

Grab a cup of tea and set aside 15 minutes to freewrite in response to this prompt. Try not to censor yourself. You may want to allow more than 2 pages and that’s fine – you can print multiples of this page or just add some blank paper in.


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