Staying Inspired

Inspiration is one of my ongoing having values – I need things to keep me feeling inspired to create. In fact, I would say that it’s a need for all creatives – if not all human beings, in some form or other.

I wanted to make sure that the inspiration I feel sporadically is more easily within my reach, more often. With that in mind, I created this section of the yearbook so you have inspiration at your fingertips all year long.

I also want you to do a bit of a creative supplies and techniques stock take. It can be helpful to have a list of creative tools and techniques in one place for when we feel stuck. This is the place to do your creative stock take – whatever your creative outlet is. For example, my fiance is a musician – he could list all the guitars, microphones, drums, keyboards (etc) he has. He could then list the different musical techniques/genres/methods etc.

It doesn’t matter if you love art journaling, quilting, or cooking – it’s easy to get into a creative rut. When that happens, turn to this section and select a technique you don’t normally use, or a supply you don’t often use.

I wanted to include this because I find that I tend to always use the same art supplies and use them in the same way. I actually have loads of different supplies, but I don’t use a good 60% of them. And I know lots of different techniques, from different classes I’ve taken and books I’ve got, but again I don’t explore them very often. I thought, if this is an issue for me, it’s likely to be an issue for others too – even if it’s not about art supplies, it could be the case in all kinds of creative endeavours.

I’ve also included some prompts in the workbook to get you thinking about new things you can do this year. Trying new things is a great way to get inspired and break out of a creative rut.

This section of your yearbook might take a while to fill. You will likely come back to it over and over throughout the year to add ideas as they occur to you, as you discover new things. I hope so!



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