Any journaling is good journaling

This morning I was in a rush. I had a stack of things to organise at work before the day began and I wanted to get straight to it.

I didn’t have time to journal, and besides, I didn’t feel like I had anything to say really. What would be the point?

But as I was driving to work, I caught myself. What was I thinking?

There’s always time to journal, and if there isn’t – I make the time.

That’s how it has become a part of my daily routine, and created some amazing changes in my life: by making the time for it every day.

And not having anything to say? Phooey. I always have something to say once I sit down with my pen and my journal.

I found a quiet spot and pulled my car over. I told myself: you don’t have to write pages and pages, just allow 15 minutes.

I only wrote two pages but it was enough to feel like I’d taken some time out for myself.

I started the day in less of a rush: calmer and happier.

Sure, it wasn’t my most thought-provoking entry. It wasn’t the longest, or the deepest or the most interesting.

But the act of taking the time to journal was beneficial.

It didn’t matter that I was 15 minutes later to work. All of the things I had to do were still waiting for me when I got there. Everything was fine.

So I urge you, this weekend: take any time you can to journal. No matter how short, or how pointless it may seem. Take the time out for yourself.


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