What Inspires Me

Weekly inspiration

Each week I share the blogs and posts that have been the most inspiring to me. Feel free to share any that have inspired you in the comments below.

I am honoured to have been part of a journaling discussion on Facebook over the past two days – hosted by Dawn Herring in the Journal Chat Facebook group. You can read the transcript of yesterday’s chat here and Dawn will be adding today and tomorrow’s chat too. Join us in the Facebook group (it’s open to the public) tomorrow at 2pm CST for the final day of our journal chat on the topic of Making the Commitment: Saying Yes to Positive Change.

I stumbled across this awesome post about how to use mindmaps in your journal. Beautiful images too!

I also discovered these free art courses online! Am so going to do these!

Beth has been on the journaling panel on Facebook with me over the past couple of days. She has a great post about the health benefits of journaling that includes journaling techniques and a reading list! A must-read.

Sue is also part of the journaling panel and has written this fantastic post about using journaling to make positive changes in our lives.

Enjoy the remainder of the week!


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